It’s National Watermelon Day!

Today is National Watermelon Day across the globe and many people are celebrating with crafts, a big slice of the juicy fruit, or even making a delicious something out of watermelon. Of course, there are tons of fantastic ideas on Pinterest of what you can do with watermelon, so I have compiled five of my favorites that I found to share. Hopefully these fun recipes and ideas will give you something fun to do with your watermelon.

5 fun ideas for nat watermelon day


1. Watermelon Margarita- For the adults that like a fun summery drink on a hot evening, this watermelon margarita is easy and fruity so that you can enjoy summer in a glass.

2. Crochet Watermelon Coasters- For the crafty people who like something fun to do that they can reuse again every summer. With cotton yarn, these will be water absorbent and perfect for keeping your tables and glass clean with wet glasses fulled of chilled drink.

3. Watermelon Gazpach0- Gazpacho is a Mexican soup served cold. Traditionally it is made with tomatoes, however, it has been made with most any fruit or vegetable  and tasted fantastic. This recipe is made in a blender and watermelon and other delicious ingredients for a sweet and salty soup.

4. Watermelon Jam- While I’m not sure what sort of food you would put watermelon jam on, I am fascinated with the idea of such a delicate fruit being turned into jam.The idea seems good, and would make a great topping for ice cream or crepes.

5. Watermelon Lemonade- What better summertime combination could there be than watermelon and lemonade? Both are summer must haves, so combining them only seems natural. As a general rule, if it doesn’t set and remains runny, claim it’s syrup and you meant to do it.



  1. What great choices!!! I definitely want to try the watermelon margarita – yum!

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